logo Telpha Objectives/ foundation/ Principles

The fundamental principles which will guide the organization and our people – who will be the drivers of the organization’s achievement of goals.

Our Organization Key fundamental resource – Human Resources

  • Select highly trained people responsible for each position in the organization. Continuous learning process a key factor in ensuring the organization growth.
  • Human psychology – behaviours are very important, a working employee in one country nature is different from another employee . So it is very important for us to study that country’s culture/ values/ expectation of individuals in life/ their working experience.
  • Development of local resources at ground level to reflect as that country’s national company – which will give a sense of localized preference & will pave way for our organization relationship building with local clients
  • Provide autonomy in making operational decision keeping in mind the goal to be achieved 
  • Provide a continuous level of enthusiasm in the people. This will drive them work whole heartedly . This can be achieved by continuous plan of innovative activities through out the year w.r.t marketing/ intrapersonal skills/ personal recognition for achievement 
  • Frame objectives which are realistic/ achievable with complete collaboration to the lowest level . Involvement of each and every individual in framing the objectives is the key , as this will drive a sense of team effort and will give high level of entrepreneurship to each individual 
  • AT logo telphawe will create a environment of entrepreneurship – where each person feels like his own organization and have a sense of stability/ security throughout his or her tenure in the organization.
  • logo telpha will focus as marketing services organization with focus on specialty products / therapies for better quality of life. We will plan our operations / objectives/ keeping this cardinal objective in mind which is our vision
  • At logo telphaour business operations will be focused on marketing /distribution and providing a one stop shop to our customers
  • At logo telphaWe will reinvest these profits on improving the marketing techniques/ infrastructure/ increase product portfolio/ liason with authentic suppliers in the world – whom they think we are the one-stop international marketing services organization and whom we think meet our core focus.
  • At logo telphaApart from our human resources – our other fundamental asset is our CUSTOMERS.
  • Our customers will suppliers/ distributors/ hospitals/ Non governmental organizations/ Pharmacies/ trade institutions of that country where we originate the product and sell/market / distribute the product
  • At logo telphawe will strive to practice our core values with our customers and position ourselves as a trusted responsible  health care services company
  • At logo telphawe will also design / participate in non profit oriented programmes in the country of operation to build an image in our customers; mind
  • Our business practices will be completed focused on our core objectives and fulfilling the customer needs
  • Our products selection will be based on our core focus & customer requirement to that
  • The Products we market will comply to the stringent quality requirements for that country which will in proportion will effect the customer’s appreciation
  • All our marketing activities/ services will be based on needs of the customers/ needs of the market which can be short but will definitely be long term


logo telpha AREAS OF INTEREST :


  • logo telphafields /areas of interest are based on the core focus/ goals laid by its management
  • logo telphawill enter/entice interest in the areas where the core focus/ goals are achievable
  • This interest is a dynamic one which will be updated on timely basis/ can be geographical/ diverse specialty etc
  • logo telphawill be in services sector related to health care with focus on specialty therapies for improving the quality of life
  • logo telphaKey interest to enter fields is based on core focus/ contribution – which will help the personnel to generate new ideas for contribution .


logo telphaGROWTH


  • AT logo telphawe will define our growth be determined the products selection/ services & the changes in the market dynamics will be determined by these criteria.
  • In the first place we are in international marketing & distribution area , where the global generics are growing at rapid phase. There is an ample avenue / opportunity for us as the supplier with innovative therapies will need our services in the markets. The reasons could be – protective marketing policy by them, being a research oriented organization, having a niche only in manufacture etc.
  • At logo telphawe will initiate projects which will attract such customers which will fuel our growth based on customer needs/ market dynamics.